Union minister Nitin Gadkari said that India should be able to fully manufacture lithium-ion batteries within the next six months and the country will be the number-one electric vehicle maker “in due course of time”, reports Business Today.

Gadkari stressed the importance of indigenous battery technology, sourced through MSMEs, in making EVs the most effective means of transport.
He expressed confidence that the cost of EVs will come down in the next two years, becoming competitive with petrol and diesel vehicles.
The government also wants to encourage automakers to introduce flex-fuel engines in India and is working to launch hydrogen fuel cell technology, Gadkari said.
Of note: Gadkari noted that India imports Rs 8 lakh crore of crude oil, an amount expected to double in 4-5 years. This has a massive impact on the economy, and thus it is important to find efficient alternative sources of energy.


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