Dr.Khalid, a renowned Pediatrician in the Handwara region of Kashmir was caught by a social activist in a private practice at his clinic during his job hours at the Government Hospital.

He was supposed to reach the Hospital at 10 am while he was still at his clinic till 11 in the morning.
duty hours, the child Doctor said that he was on leave. However, he ran to the Hospital afterwards
I was on leave from the Hospital. I live near the clinic and had gone there for some work. I wasn’t supposed to see my patients but 3-4 of them compelled me to diagnose them. At 11 it was my last patient and I was leaving at that time.” Dr. Khalid said in justification

“After clinic I went to Sopore for some work and honestly my colleague had applied for my leave. I had no clue about all this until I watched the video on social media. I haven’t received any notice from the Hospital yet.” He added
His words were denied by the Hospital Administration who confirmed that no leave from his side was applied.
I have talked to Superintendent of the District Hospital Handwara about Dr. Khalid. There will be a strict investigation on the case and the report will be received in next 2 days.” a senior official said


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