Bishnah (Jammu)

A cricket match was organized last week in village Saidgarh by Sham Lal Gupta, Chairman of anti-crime team, in which the players of the winning and runner-up team were honored by giving momentos, during the same match the people of the village had demanded to put poles in front of the Dev Sthan and had expressed the problem of no electricity near the Devasthan and towards the village, Sham Lal Gupta, chairman of Anti Crime, had assured them that after talks with high official, the Poles will be installed within 15-20 days.

Within 15 days, Sham Lal Gupta, with the help of department, got the poles arranged along with the lights in the Dev Sthan of Village Saidgarh.

Numberdar Daya Ram, Chowkidar Chiman Lal, Panch Joginder Lal, Devsthan Committee Pardhan Mohan Lal, Gharu Ram, Panches and people of the village thanked the Chairman of the organization, Sham Lal Gupta, for their work.

On the other hand, when spoke to Sham Lal Gupta, Chairman of Anti Crime Team, he told that assurance given to the people of the village has been fulfilled today and he will continue to work for the betterment of the society. Chairman Sham Lal Gupta also thanked the PDD department.

Gupta was accompanied by Rakesh Kumar, Brick Trader Rampal ,Fruit Trader Ratan Lal, Social Activist Rishu Gupta, Social worker Tushar Digra, Members of the organization Rohit Kumar, Mohan Sharma, Akshay Bhagat and other colleagues were present.


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