Delegation of labor , Worker organization met after an exhaustive and traumatic movement from the labor side over long pending ruthless policies of the establishment.

Today, Delegation of labor And Working organization met up with Nikhil Padha , Human Rights Activist discussing the atrocities of establishment owners, the one responsible for severe policies, which are against the spirit of the labor class.

This welcoming step of meeting is the result of a long and traumatic exercise of non violent movement of the labor class against the cold blooded policies and cruel work environment of the establishment.

“The long due demands of the labor class used to be overlooked and disregarded by the establishment owners, this caused a sense of trauma and fatalities among the laborers.

In the preamble of our constitution, we pledge to abide by the cores of our fundamental rights, that is :
Justice in Socio, Economic & Political sphere.

It’s disgraceful that even close to a century after the implementation of our constitution, some capitalist system of class won’t recognise any of the above-mentioned positions and even today they exploit their subordinates in order to sustain their greed and dilute the constitutionalism of the country, which is extremely shameful.

The capitalist attitude of establishment owners resembles the era old distressed system of rulers, who used to take prides in exploitation of the working class”
Said Nikhil Padha, Human Rights Activist .
Under the banner of JKTTPF ( a registered organization working for the labour and working class )and Hartal for Harmony ( Organization working for protection and promotion of human rights ) also the parent organization of JKTTPF recorded all the grievances and rights violations for which we going to fight soon , Nikhil Padha stated

We, the labor class herein affirm, ourselves and to all the constitutionalists, that we will continue to our long run demands through the movement against the spiritless orders of the establishment, until and unless they strike off the fatal and incentive orders.

And, now we the workers sincerely expect the rationale and cooperative approach from the establishment owners side.

Citizens of the India & Labor Class.


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