Today a press conferece was organized by Hon’ble Deputy Mayor Adv. Purnima Sharma at PWD Guest House, Gandhi Nagar Jammu. The press conference was held by the Honble Deputy Mayor Adv. Purnima Sharma along with Hon’ble Councillors Sh. Suneet Raina & Sh. Pawan Singh to make the public aware regarding the decisions and amendments made during the special session of the General House which was chaired by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor & Commissioner JMC in the presence of Chairpersons of the Standing Committee(s), Councillors and Senior Officers of JMC.
Deputy Mayor Adv. Purnima Sharma said that in the previous Special Session of the General House meeting of JMC which was held on 20/12/2021 in which a number of suggestions were made and a threadbare discussions over the suggestions were made by the Mayor, Dy. Mayor, Chairpersons of the Standing Committee(s) and Councillors.

Thereafter, a Committee was constituted comprising of Deputy Mayor, Adv. Purnima Sharma as  Chairperson of the Committee, Hon’ble Councillors  Sh. Rajinder Sharma, Sh. Pawan Singh, Sh. Suneet Raina and Officers of JMC and other line Departments i.e. Chief Town Planner, JMC, DLR, JMC, Chief Architect, J&K (UT), Architect (Technical Officer to Director, Local Bodies) for submission of suggestions and observations/recommendations fro amendments in the Unified Building Bye-Laws 2021.”She said.
She further said that once the committee constituted, it took suggestions from the hon’ble councillors regarding amendments that are needed in the Unified Building Bye-Laws 2021. Thereafter all the observations/recommendations were put forward in the Special Session held on 07/02/2022. The main amendments suggested by the Committee are as follows :-
1.      Value Capture Fund to be reduced.
2.      Building permission of constructions where ground floor is existing at the site in violation which was already passed by the House of Corporation.
3.      Lane Width relaxation for built-up contructions.
4.      Approval of Colonies with relaxation if the existing approach road width is less than required upto 1 Hectare.
5.      Stilt floors are allowed in UBBL – 2021 only on roads more than 6 mtr width.
6.      The Building fee should not be charged for religious buildings and orphanages.
7.      Labour Cess collected by JMC on behalf of Labour Department should be exempted by JMC and to be charged by the Labour Department on it own.
8.      Ramps should not be allowed beyond drains along the plot boundary. In case there is no drain, ramp should not exceed beyond 0.75 mtr. from plot edge.
9.      If the entitlement of freehold plots/lands of  the JDA and J&K Housing Board is clear, then there is no need for the issue of NOC by the same departments.
10.  If an individual starts any kind of repair on their, then its there responsibility to inform the concerned department and the person itself is liable for the clearance of garbage/malba if put outside their land.
She further added that during the Special Session, a number of decisions including the extension of the period for another three months so that Committee can take more suggestions from the Councillors of each ward and submit their recommendations for further submission to the Government for its approval, So that JMC can provide better facilities to the General Public at large.
At the end of the press conference, Adv. Purnima Sharma thanked the media personel as via them only, the public is made aware of the actual information and decisions


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