We will initiate serious efforts to bring our jailed youth back home: Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari

Says, we want a dignified life and a promising future for the youngsters; everyone deserves a peaceful and fearless life

Jammu Samvad: Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Sunday announced that Apni Party will soon initiate serious efforts to bring the jailed youth back home so that they can start living a peaceful and normal life with their families.

He was addressing a largely attended workers’ convention at the party headquarters in Srinagar. The participants mostly belonged to the uptown areas of the city.

According to a press release issued here, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari while addressing the convention said that Apni Party wants a dignified life and a promising future for the youngster in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said, “Our youth deserve a peaceful and dignified life even if they might have made some mistakes in the past. Thus, we have decided that Apni Party will form a committee to pursue the release of the youth who have been kept in jails. The proposed committee will look into the case of each and every detainee and raise a vigorous demand for their release with the government. Even we will meet the families of the prisoners to ensure they will help to ensure a peaceful life of these boys. We will also make sure that the responsible citizens of Mohallas and villages shoulder the responsibility to ensure the youngster start living a normal life once they are released.”

“How long will our young people suffer? We want them to be set free to live peacefully with their families. Nobody should be called to police stations on the occasions of the independence and republican days. Our youth deserve a dignified life and a promising future. We will not leave any stone unturned to convince the government to release all the detainees. Everyone should get a chance to start a normal life.”

He urged the workers to make the party’s upcoming public rally in Srinagar a successful event so that a message could be send out to the government that people support Apni Party’s vision for a peaceful and prosperous J&K.

He said, “Upcoming rally in Srinagar is being organized to send out a message to the government that people want a change for good here. Every one of us has to contribute to make this rally a successful event at the cricket stadium here on November 12.”

Reiterating Apni Party’s agenda, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said, “Apni Party believes in positive politics. We pursue a policy and agenda that will end the turmoil and negative politics in J&K, where people have hugely suffered during the past more than three decades of conflict and bloodshed. People cannot afford further destruction here, thus we have to work hard to make positive changes here so that people could live peaceful and fearless life. Our people have been deeply wounded over the years and they require care and solace in terms of a peaceful and prosperous environment.”

Talking about the drug menace in the Valley, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said, “We can afford to see the lives of our young boys and girls getting ruined due to the drug menace. We have to wage a Jihad against this social evil in the Valley. And Apni Party will do everything to safeguard the future of the young generations.”

On this occasion, the party workers promised their allegiance to the party and its leadership by raising slogans. The programme was organized by the Chanapora constituency head. All the seven ward presidents, besides two corporators were present at the event.


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