Dealers and SIM card holders have a look at the new SIM card rules in India from 1 December 2023

We all use mobile phones in our day to life and life is such that we can’t do without mobile phones. Thus, ones using mobile phones need to be updated about the SIM card rules that will be valid from 1 December 2023. Initially, the rules were going to be valid from 1 October 2023 but the government postponed the implementation by two months. These new rules are important if you plan to buy a new SIM or are a SIM card seller.

These rules are established to combat scams and fraud involving fake SIMs. the Department of Telecommunications is introducing new rules for buying and selling SIM cards that will be enforced nationwide from December 1 with an aim to curb rising scam cases. The government has taken these steps considering the severity of scams caused by fake SIMs and penalties for breaking these rules include fines and imprisonment. Let’s know the SIM card-related rules in India below.


  1. SIM Dealer Verification: Anyone who wishes to sell sim cards and is a sim card dealer need to undergo a verification and they will also have to get the sim cards registered while selling them, it is the telecom operators’ responsible for police verification. Failure to comply may result in a fine of Rs 10 lakh.
  2. Demographic Data Collection: Customers who purchase SIM cards for their existing numbers need to submit their Aadhaar and demographic data.
  3. Bulk SIM Card Issuance: New rules have put a limit to the number of sim cards being issued. Individuals can acquire SIM cards in bulk only through a business connection and normal users can still obtain up to 9 SIM cards on one ID.
  4. SIM Card Deactivation Rule: As mentioned before, SIM cards will no longer be issued in bulk and after closing a SIM card, that number will be applicable to another person only after a 90-day period.
  5. Penalties: SIM selling vendors who would have not been registered by November 30 will have to pay fines of up to Rs 10 lakh and there may be chances of imprisonment.


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