Y.V. Sharma, Spokesperson JKUT reacted very strongly against the baseless, irresponsible, communal and seemingly anti national statements of two former Chief Ministers of J&K State Dr. Farooq Abdullah, president JK NC and Mehbooba Mufti, president JK PDP.
In a press release issued today Mr. Sharma accused both these leaders of indirectly inciting communal passions, provoking violence and encouraging militancy which is almost on its wane after the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35-A in August 2019. Dr. Abdullah’s statement that militancy won’t end unless Govt wins the hearts of the people in J&K and seeks its solution and Mehbooba Mufti’s out burst that BJP is rejecting the conditions under which they joined the nation, they cannot remain silent, asking the people to fight back otherwise they are going to lose everything, accusing the Govt of using military might to silence the voice of the people for which they must struggle, 100-150 lads, a relatively modest number, have taken up arms are indicators in this direction. Mr. Sharma asserted that both these statements are factually wrong and can invoke even the charges of sedition against them.
Mr. Sharma clarified that the documents of accession of J&K with India was signed by late Maharaja Hari Singh Ji (because only he was authorized to do so) without any condition. Article 370 and 35-A were subsequently introduced as temporary provisions. They were misused for their own vested interests to keep themselves in power somehow by the rulers in J&K, made them tools of blackmail, tried to isolate the people of J&K from the rest of the country by misinterpreting the articles and creating a mini-nation within the grand Indian nation, arousing communal and religious passions, triggering migration of the minority Hindu Kashmiri Pandit Community from the valley and by their designs involving Pakistan and making JK a cockpit of international intrigues. Dr. Farooq Abdullah and other Kashmiri leaders who claim to be the true leaders of Kashmiri and Shed crocodile tears on the migration of this threatened community remained silent and went into their shells. Dr. Farooq Abdullah, left this community at the mercy of the miscreants and left for London for his own safety.
Why did these leaders not make any effort to stop these migrations?
Does it not show their tacit approval? If they are the real leaders of Kashmir, why have they failed to convince the people of Kashmir to ensure the safe, secure and dignified return of these helpless people to their homes back in Kashmir, asked Mr. Sharma. It was for all these reasons that these articles were abrogated by a thumping majority in the Nation’s Parliament, the Supreme body of the Country guided by its robust constitution. Mr. Sharma added that Farooq Abdullah and other leaders of J&K are incidentally the members of the some Parliament which abrogated these articles.
Mr. Sharma said that both NC and PDP feel that everything is O.K when they are in power, but they become the ardent supporters of Pakistan and advise the Central Govt to talk to Pakistan to solve the Kashmir issue, when they are out of power. Mr. Sharma categorically said that Pakistan is no party in the matters of relations between India and J&K. It has no locus standi and the Kashmir leaders must understand that Pakistan is an aggressor and has grabbed large areas of J&K by fraud. The only issue between India and Pakistan is that Pakistan must vacate those areas and hand over the India as soon as possible. The Govt of India is committed to get them vacated. Even UNO, the world body deems Pakistan the illegal occupier of these areas. India has tried its best to solve the issue through dialogue but Pakistan, on the brink of insolvency, in the grey list of world economic body, an acknowledged nursery of militancy in the world, a protagonist of religious fundamentalism tries to retain its illegal occupation by black-mail means. Pakistan is sending terrorists, drugs and arms through drones, infiltration, secretly built tunnels across LOC, but the country is strong enough to foil all these plans to save the people of India & J&K from terrorism, militancy, drug abuse and all other nefarious plans of Pakistan. India has reiterated again and again that militancy & talks cannot go together. Mehbooba all other Kashmir leaders must make their stand clear whether they support this stand of the country or not? They should befooling the people and the country by provoking them against their own country and its armed forces.
Mr. Sharma reminded both NC and PDP that the Govt of India is using all its resources in the best possible way to win the hearts of the people and to ensure peace, prosperity, progress, development and good will of all sections of society by saving the lives of the people of J&K at the cost of their own lives are for the safety, ,security and welfare of the people who have been surcharges with communal passions an account of their own mismanaged regimes. He asked these leaders to see with open and unbiased eyes that the present regime has made deep in- roads of confidence, sympathy and good will in the hearts of the people. The quick enhancement of facilities in almost all fields of activity agriculture, Horticulture, floriculture, local self govt, road connectivity and communication, tourism, governance, trade and industry, health and education, general amenities in the lives of the people etc are there for every one to see. The wheels of progress and development will not stop but would move with more speed and energy to make J&K a model of development and ultra modern facilities in whole of the country. The rousing reception of the pilgrims of Sh. Amarnath Shrine by the muslim community in Kashmir and the rush of tourists at various tourist resorts are welcome steps. They show the confidence of the people in the security arrangements.
Mr. Sharma appealed to everyone respect and hold in high esteem he constitution, the parliament our national symbols like Tiranga and National Anthem because they are our pride & glory. Let us change our mind sets, remove all apprehensions and willingly co-operate in the over all development of the state as well as the country. Let us resolve our problems by dialogue, discussion goodwill. Let us not repeat the statements full of venom and incite people on communal lines. We should ensure that peace prevails at all cost.


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