The seminar was attended by huge gatherings of locals, religious scholars, social activists and political analysts.The function was presided over by party Chairman Shri Aga Syed Abass Rizvi. His presence added grace to the occasion.
He highlighted the importance of Ramadhan by explaining how it develop our mannerisms and moral fortitude, to strengthen our brotherhood.
Moreover, the concept of violence and non-violence was also discussed by him, how violence breeds hatred, destruction, enmity, negativity, restlessness and death amongst the people whereas non-violence on the other side leads to construction, friendship, positivity, peace and life amongst the masses.
It was emphasized that the export of the Islamic ideology leading to violence by our neighbors has brought our peaceful Kashmir valley, also known as ‘Resh-Vaer’ to the situation of despair n destruction. Valley which until recent past flourished with Sufism and Peace is now regularly marked by violence and blood of innocent people is splashed on ground. This is not Islam. Islam is for Peace; not violence.

Moulana Shafat Sahib highlighted the concept of jihad, in Quran. Jihad means an ideological struggle to conquer people’s minds and heart through the philosophy of Islam. He informed that out of 6236 verses in Quran, 41 mention jihad and its derivatives.

Molana Mohd Yaseen put forth his views on ‘sunnah and hadith’. He quoted, ”Allah grants to rifq (gentleness) what he doesn’t grant to unf(violence).”

Aga Syed Mubashir Sahib put forth the concept of patience…which implies a peaceful response or reaction. Other dignitaries who also spoke on the occasion were: Molvi Ishtiyaq Ahmad Sahib, Ghulam Mohammad Bhat (social activist), Ajaz Mustafa Malik (political analyst)..
Seminar was concluded by vote of thanks to all dignitaries who participated in the seminar.
Party Chairman Shri Aga Syed Abass Rizvi promised to organise more such seminars and symposium in future, as well; with a hope that more and more youth join us and help in spreading our message of Peace, for the development of our Qaum and country.


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