December, 2022 ,Institute of Dental Sciences Sehora Jammu held a seminar on topic Child Abuse and Neglect in collaboration with an NGO named Jeevan Sangarsh Trust J&K.
On the occasion, a team under the supervision of Ms. Rajni Sharma, Chairperson, Jeevan Sangarsh Trust J&K delivered a seminar cum awareness session on Child Abuse.Team Members including Manvi Sharma,General Secretary Jeevan Sangarsh Trust J&K, Dr. Rajinder Thappa,Executive Member and Rampaul Dogra, President Jammu District acquainted the participants with different aspects of child abuse including its moral and legal aspect and its remedies thereof. Dr. Sarbjeet Singh, Principal,IDS along with all the staff members and students of the institute participated in the seminar cum awareness session which was conducted by CASH committe members including Dr. Harbans Azad, Dr. Bela Mahajan, Dr. Esha Bali, Dr. Syed Raheela, Jaspinder and Usman.
In the end, guest speakers were felicitated with momentos for such an informative session.


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