Here is the complete list of the major bank holidays in 2021. Apart from these, there are some restricted holidays when banks in some states are closed.

January 26/Tuesday: Republic Day

March 11/Thursday: Maha Shivaratri/Shivaratri

March 29/Monday: Holi

April 1/ Thursday: Closing accounts

April 2/Friday: Good Friday

April 14/Wednesday: Ambedkar Jayanti

April 25/Sunday: Mahavir Jayanti

May 13/Thursday: Ramzan-Id/Id-ul-Fitar

July 20/Tuesday: Bakr Id/Eid ul-Adha

August 15/Sunday: Independence Day

August 19/Thursday: Muharram/Ashura

August 30/Monday: Janmashtami

September 10/Friday: Ganesh Chaturthi

October 2/Saturday: Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

October 15/Friday: Dussehra

November 4/Thursday: Diwali

November 19/Friday: Guru Nanak Jayanti

December 25/Saturday: Christmas


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