Jammu, April 4, 2024: In a recent report by Open Signal, Bharti Airtel has emerged as the frontrunner in the realm of 5G networks in the Jammu & Kashmir Telecom circle. Open Signal, renowned for its independent global standards in network and subscriber insights, awarded Airtel as the most decorated 5G network in the region.

Airtel’s impressive feat includes clinching 5 out of 6 prestigious awards, affirming its dominance in various aspects of 5G services. The telecom giant secured accolades for providing the best 5G Video, 5G Live Video, 5G Games, 5G Voice Apps, and excelling in both upload and download speed categories.

The recognition from Open Signal solidifies Airtel’s position as the go-to choice for superior mobile experiences in Jammu & Kashmir. Airtel’s commitment to delivering uninterrupted video streaming, seamless voice app connectivity, and exceptional gaming experiences has set a new benchmark in the industry.

Notably, Airtel holds the distinction of being the first service provider to launch 5G in the Jammu & Kashmir Telecom circle. With over 1.2 million unique 5G customers already onboard, Airtel’s 5G Plus service has rapidly expanded across various districts in the state, aiming to cover the entire country by March 2024.

Airtel’s unwavering focus on enhancing 5G infrastructure and customer satisfaction underscores its dedication to revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape and empowering users with cutting-edge technology.


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