February 18: Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) is a pan-India integrated single emergency helpline number for various emergency services such as Police, Fire & Emergency Services, Medical Services, Social Welfare and Disaster Management etc. The emergency number “112” provides 24×7 emergency responses and immediate assistance to the callers in distress, besides a special desk for assistance of women in distress is also functional. ERSS is designed to address all emergency signals received from citizens through voice calls, SMS, e-mail, panic SOS signal, ERSS web portal, etc.

An SOS alert can be activated through the “112-Mobile app” anytime when you feel your safety or the safety of another is in imminent danger. The exact location of the person in distress is forwarded to the Control Room and the location of the victim is displayed on the GIS map of the Call-taker.

In case of any SOS alert or emergency assistance from Police, Fire or Ambulance etc, please follow:
*1. *Dial-112 from Phone/Landline*
2. Send SMS to 112.
3. Press power button on Smartphone 3 times in quick succession to activate panic call.
4. Log-on to ERSS-JK website https://jk.erss.in/ and place your SOS request

  1. Email SOS alert to Emergency Response System on [email protected]
    6. Using 112 India mobile app (available on Google Playstore and Apple Store) to activate panic call.

This is for the information of general public as the ERSS is functional throughout the UT of J&K. For any queries or questions please visit https://jk.erss.in/faq.html


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