India has been a pioneer in UN Peacekeeping since its inception, having deployed more than a quarter million troops, in as many as 49 UN Peacekeeping Missions. We have today more than 5,500 personnel deployed across 9 missions: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

India’s deep civilizational ethos of peace is reflected in its call for an instrument on Prevention of Arms Race in Outer Space (PAROS) through multilateral negotiation in Conference on Disarmament: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

India’s leadership role in International Solar Alliance (ISA) through partnership across 107 signatory countries is a fine example of multilateral approach in pursuit of a low-carbon economy: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

As a nation central to the Indian Ocean, India is committed to a free, open, secure and inclusive Indo-Pacific region that promotes sustainable maritime trade and economic practices, resilient infrastructure and adherence to global legal order: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh
Ministry of Defence, Government of India


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