BJP all cells incharge & co-incharge Rakesh Mahajan & Ved Sharma organised meeting of three no of cells professional cell, senior citizen cell & employee education & teacher cell. Few days back Sat Sharma Ex BJP president & Ex cabinet minister was nominated as parbari of all these three cells.
Sat Sharma focus on convenor & co-convenor of these cells that we jointly reach on the ground level and touch to everyone who stands last in line.
Sat Sharma also discussed details of central scheme released by prime minister sh Narinder Modi ji . Sat Sharma asked convenor & co-convenor to brief these scheme in the public.
Rakesh Mahajan incharge all cells well Com ex president Sat Sharma ji & briefly discussed the team done by these cells on Distt level.
Ved Sharma Co-incharge all cells vote of thank and assured for full cooperation.

Convenor of professional cell Rajeev Gupta & co-convenor Vijay Phalwan, convenor of employee education & teacher cell Mukhrajee Sharma Co -convenor puja Malhotra, Verinder Gupta, Tilak Raj & co-convenor of senior citizen cell Ashok singh , Subash Gupta attend the meeting.


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